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​Racing car for rent

It is a service that can run on the circuit with a real racing car.

We have Porsche GT 3 Cup Car and Ferrari 458 Challenge etc for rent. 



Basically, it will be a service using the circuit practice exercise session at Fuji Speedway, so it will be a service of 30 minutes or 40 minutes at a time.

The cars provided for the service will be delivered to the circuit in a condition that has been serviced by a maintenance garage dedicated to racing cars.


You will run on the circuit under professional support. Customers can enjoy circuiting just by having a racing gear set and going to the circuit.

Of course, we will respond flexibly to requests of customers such as professional racing driver coaching etc, preparation of new tires of your desired brand and designated brand, so please do not hesitate to consult us.

An example plan

In case you run a Fuji Speedway one day at our company's Ferrari 458 challenge (it is a vehicle in the lower right picture), we will calculate the 30-minute driving session× 4 times, the vehicle transport fee to the circuit, the staff fee , Fuel fee, Circuit traveling fee included tax 1 million Japanese yen. All car insurance is already enrolled.


* If you wish to purchase new parts such as tires, brake pads, etc., we will charge you actual expenses separately. Also, please prepare the Circuit license for the circuit that you drives , the racing gear  for circuit running etc by the customer before the day of traveling.

Spot entry package

If you are confident with practice and want to aim more at the top, we also have plans to help you entry the race event.


This plan will support you to entry the racing events targeted at gentlemen racers held in Japan.

As we are planning to introduce the 2018 model Porsche GT3 Cup(Type 991-2). you can spot entry to PCCJ (Porsche Carrera Cup Japan) PCCJ. PCCJ is one of the highest class race for gentleman(amateur)driver . Also we have other plan for beginner , spot entry the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge with  the 2015 model Porsche GT3 Cup (type 991) owned by us, We also support entry in racing events such as ETCC using Other race cars .

An example plan

In the case of Spot entry in PCCJ (Porsche Carrera Cup Japan) to be held at Fuji Speedway at Porsche GT 3 Cup Car owned by our company , 30 minutes of official practice run, 30 minutes of qualifying run × 2 times, the final race x 2 times, the new tire 4 sets, the car transportation fee to the circuit, the staff fee, the fuel fee, the entry fee included tax about 2.80 million yen.

Storage / Maintenance / Repair service

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